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Welcome to our town!

A small midwest town was losing its residents due to companies moving to offshore manufacturing. As the companies moved, facilities were left open and residents were being forced to find positions in other cities or states. The Chamber of Commerce set out to recapture their town and and draw new technology companies to the area.

Provide a gift to corporate visitors to coincide with their visit, tour, meetings with town officials. An executive package was needed to feature the advantages of the community. The gift should highlight the tradition of the area as well as the ability to meet the technology needs of new companies.
A combination of gifts were developed that utilized local artisans and local wood products to provide a professional gift for visiting company executives. All the products were imprinted with the town and state as well as the town’s logo and motto.

Just providing any thoughtless old gift of cheap plastic stuff for an activity or function as complex as this is rarely the right path. However, a gift such as this, assembled and executed as part of an overall program showing thoroughness, professionalism, and the reality that substance is important as well as thought of a gift was the right thing to do for this town. In this case history the community was successful in securing three new technology businesses which brought 105 new jobs.

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