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A technology company had just re-organized and changed from a Direct Sales force to a Value Added Reseller (VAR) network. The company planned to bring all of the new sales team into a Introduction Sales Team meeting to educate and motivate them to begin introducing and selling products to the end user.

Build excitement around the re-organization, drive revenue for the VAR sales team, and gain mind-share from the VAR on their product.
A series of solutions were implemented, Notebooks with the corporate logo, a nice pen with the corporate logo and the product line theme, a quality casual shirt with the corporate logo, and an incentive plan that included a set of golf clubs and bag with the corporate logo.

The customer's sales meeting was a “hit” with the new VAR sales team. In follow up travel with the VAR’s, the company found that the new sales team was still excited about the product line and the company. The golf club set was awarded to a VAR that far exceeded the company’s sales goal for that region.

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