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Services STG Marketing is a full service marketing company

We work with you to create, develop, implement, enhance and maintain programs and offerings that creatively promote your brand. STG Marketing provides promotional products, creative graphic and product design, as well as consultation based on many years of successful and effective experience. Some of our many services include:

• Marketing consultation
When it comes to marketing, we’ve “done that, been there, got the t-shirt”. We’ll share our experiences with you.

• Aligning product to advertising theme or project
Tell us the theme and the budget, we’ll recommend the products -- from fun to serious, from mild to wild and crazy!

• Concept and custom design
Whether you need product design or graphic design, it’s all about you. We don’t boilerplate anything.

• Full range of promotional product support
We’re happy to guide you every step of the way from start to finish. And we leave great paper trails of communication!

• Product manufacturing
If you or we can imagine it, we can find someone to build it and to build it right.

• Website search tool viewing > 750,000+ items
You can explore the possibilities from the comfort of your own Internet browser anytime 24/7.

• Direct importing
Borders? We don’t worry about no stinkin’ borders! Your custom overseas order is cleared through customs and can be delivered directly to you.

• Fulfillment programs custom tailored to your needs
We can develop a program that allows any approved person to order the product they want without bothering you.

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